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GrapevineStar Trend ALert – Just for Fun – 100 Fun Extreme Hairstyles

One sure fire way to get some attention is with one of these extreme hairstyles. For both men and women, your hairstyle is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. The look in men's hair these days is more towards short styles, but women's hair is all over the map: just look at some of these extreme hairstyles as proof.

100 Hilariously Extreme Hairstyles from our friends at TrendHunter

From Massive Headdresses to Wild Mushroom Hairdos

Published by TrendHunter 
One sure fire way to get some attention is with one of these extreme hairstyles. For both men and women, your hairstyle is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. The look in men’s hair these days is more towards short styles, but women’s hair is all over the map: just look at some of these extreme hairstyles as proof.Here we see massive hair headdresses, like the one created by CuldeSac and Studio Marisol that consists of intricate braid patterns in a basket-like pattern. A spike mohawk has been the go-to extreme hairstyle for rebellious punk rockers for years, however now we’re seeing it on more than a few women as well.

No matter which extreme hairstyle appeals to you, you’ve got to admit they all make a statement.

#1 Psychedelic Beauty Looks

Allure March 2012 Reveals the Wildly Colorful Makeup of Spring Full Article

Psychedelic Beauty Looks
#2 Tie-Dye Hairdos

Angelo Seminara Does Hair Skilfully With Flying Colors Full Article

Tie-Dye Hairdos
#3 Horror Film Photography

Nikolai de Vera Photos Inspired by Japanese Horror Films Full Article

Horror Film Photography
#4 Hipster Hairstyle Sites Captures Some Seriously Chic ‘Dos on the Street Full Article

Hipster Hairstyle Sites
#5 Extravagant Absurdist Photography

Madame Peripetie Photography is Magic Come to Life Full Article

Extravagant Absurdist Photography
#6 Sequined Geometrical Editorials

Karlie Kloss Stars in ‘Drama Queen’ for W Magazine April 2012 Full Article

Sequined Geometrical Editorials
#7 Asymmetrical Hairstyles

The Norwegian Wood SS10 Collection Brings an Edgy Feel to Spring Full Article

Asymmetrical Hairstyles
#8 80s Mane Photoshoots

The Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Vogue Spain July 2010 Spread Full Article

80s Mane Photoshoots
#9 Sculptural Facial Hair

Bizarre Beards and Mustaches Look Like Works of Art Full Article

Sculptural Facial Hair
#10 Pom Pom Shawls

Una Hlin Kristjansdottir’s Hair Raising ‘Royal Extreme’ Clothing Line Full Article

Pom Pom Shawls
#11 Humongous Hair Creations

Avant Garde Hairstyles by Arnostyle are Awesomely Futuristic Full Article

Humongous Hair Creations
#12 Square-Haired Models

The Ones 2 Watch Virgin Homicides Editorial Features Strangely Shaped Hairdos Full Article

Square-Haired Models
#13 Male Pink-Tip Tresses

The Fiasco Magazine by Alfredo Albanesi Editorial Features Vibrant Hair Full Article

Male Pink-Tip Tresses
#14 Urban Ombre Editorials

This Scott Hugh Mitchell Shoot Features Marylin Model’s New Face Madison Full Article

Urban Ombre Editorials
#15 Rocker Pink-Haired Editorials

Jeans Catcher by Katriena Emmanuel is Eccentric and Multicolored Full Article

Rocker Pink-Haired Editorials
#16 Hairy Headdresses

CuldeSac and Studio Marisol Take Hair to its Outer Limits Full Article

Hairy Headdresses
#17 Bushy Beauty Photography

Kosa by Decker Kutic is All About Hair-Centric Captures Full Article

Bushy Beauty Photography
#18 Painted Hair Pictorials

The Lead Head Kurv Magazine Shoot is Visually Vivid Full Article

Painted Hair Pictorials
#19 Ultra Glam Retro

80s ‘Pride & Glory’ Colorful Fashionshoot for V-Magazine Full Article

Ultra Glam Retro
#20 Hair Bow Barrettes

Cop Lady Gaga’s Manga-Inspired Look This Halloween Full Article

Hair Bow Barrettes
#21 Electrostatic Hairstyles

Tim Walker’s ‘A Play of Dots’ in Vogue Italia is a Polka-Dotted Pictorial Full Article

Electrostatic Hairstyles
#22 Wacky Hair Accessories

Hirsute Jewelry Combines Hair and Crazy Designs Full Article

Wacky Hair Accessories
#23 Surf-Inspired Hairstyles

The Perfect Waves Editorial for Dealer De Luxe is Playful and Somber Full Article

Surf-Inspired Hairstyles
#24 Whip Ponytails

Paco Peregrin’s ‘Fresh’ Features Tied-Up Hairstyles Full Article

Whip Ponytails
#25 Medieval-Inspired Headdresses

The McQueen Fall 2011 RTW Runway Show Focuses on Hair Accessories Full Article

Medieval-Inspired Headdresses
#26 Paint-Plastered Beauty Editorials

Wonderland September/October 2012 Issue Stars Julia Valimaki Full Article

Paint-Plastered Beauty Editorials
#27 Coiffed Chin Campaigns

These Wilkinson Sword Ads Encourage Styling Your Stubble Full Article

Coiffed Chin Campaigns
#28 Printed Doll Tresses

Get Wild Multicolored Hair with Barbie Design Printables Full Article

Printed Doll Tresses
#29 Bearded Female Fashion

The Berlin Fashion Week July 2010 Patrick Mohr Collection Full Article

Bearded Female Fashion
#30 Wild Mane Editorials

Billowy Locks and Chain Mail Headgear for November 2009 Vogue Italia Beauty Full Article

Wild Mane Editorials
#31 Mo-Tastic Manes

Extreme Mohawk Hairstyles Push the Fringe of Fashion Full Article

Mo-Tastic Manes
#32 Cotton Candy Coiffures

Pastel Afros Grace Comme des Garcons Spring 2010 Collection Full Article

Cotton Candy Coiffures
#33 Pink Feather Beehives

Hanne Rutzou 2010 Collection Accents Avant-Garde Fashions With Wild Hair Full Article

Pink Feather Beehives
#34 Skyscraper Updos

PetOrly’s Models Rock Towering Hairstyles for ‘Future Perfect’ Full Article

Skyscraper Updos
#35 Mishmosh Hairtography

Jake Garn’s ‘Goddess’ Series Blends Bald Caps, Curls & Color Full Article

Mishmosh Hairtography
#36 Lion Mane Hairstyles

The Pernille Moeller Vogue Brazil June 2010 Issue Gets Ultra Hairy Full Article

Lion Mane Hairstyles
#37 Sweeping Beehive Hairstyles

The ELLE Taiwan Head Start Shoot Stars Bardot-Inspired Julia Hafstrom Full Article

Sweeping Beehive Hairstyles
#38 Messy Braid Editorials

The Aline Weber Vogue Paris Photo Shoot Features Outlandish Hairstyles Full Article

Messy Braid Editorials
#39 Tourism-Inspired Fashion

The Frankie Morello Spring/Summer 2012 ‘Souvenir of Italy’ Collection Full Article

Tourism-Inspired Fashion
#40 Super-Sized Black Bows

Ali Michael for Lula Spring 2010 Issue is Lovely Full Article

Super-Sized Black Bows
#41 Crimped Bowtie Coifs

The Antonia Yordanova ‘Just the Two of Us’ Shoot Rides in Style Full Article

Crimped Bowtie Coifs
#42 Hair-Hatted Models

The Manish Arora F/W 2011 Collection Sparkles at Paris Fashion Week Full Article

Hair-Hatted Models
#43 Crazy Coif Captures

The Marc Laroche Hair Series is Full of Life and Movement Full Article

Crazy Coif Captures
#44 Wild Mushroom Hairdos

Lorenzo Riva’s Spring/Summer Runway Show Goes Big on Hair Full Article

Wild Mushroom Hairdos
#45 Bright-Haired Teen Shoots

An Amy Winehouse-Inspired Editorial from Teen Vogue March 2012 Full Article

Bright-Haired Teen Shoots
#46 Snowflake Hair

Olivier Chomienne Expands the World of Editorial Hairstyling Full Article

Snowflake Hair
#47 Geometric Hairdos

Photographer Billy Kidd Goes Crazy With Edgy Tresses Full Article

Geometric Hairdos
#48 Afro Editorials

Karlie Kloss Wears Super-Sized Hair for September Vogue Full Article

Afro Editorials
#49 Braided Horns

‘Fashion Victim’ Photo Set Features Hair Like Ram & Unicorn Horns Full Article

Braided Horns
#50 Multi-Hued Hairitorials

Model Natasha Poly Gets ‘Glam and Sporty’ in Vogue Italia Full Article

Multi-Hued Hairitorials
#51 Contemporary Tribal Headdresses

Feather Children Headpieces are Uniquely Handcrafted Full Article

Contemporary Tribal Headdresses
#52 Mega Mop-Top Locks

Peter Grey’s Extreme Hair for Yokohama Hair Renaissance Full Article

Mega Mop-Top Locks
#53 Beard Cages

The National Beard and Mustache Championships in Tacoma Have Hairy Results Full Article

Beard Cages
#54 Sky-High Cowlicks

The Issa London 2010 London Fashion Week Show Full Article

Sky-High Cowlicks
#55 Fiery Fru-Fru Updos

This Ming Xi Style Magazine July 2011 Spread Showcases Haute Couture Hair Full Article

Fiery Fru-Fru Updos
#56 Wild Weave Editorials

The Creatures of the Deep Faint Magazine Photo Shoot is Artful Full Article

Wild Weave Editorials
#57 Tornado Hair

‘I Am the Storm’ by Lill-Veronica Skoglund Features Wild Windswept Hair Full Article

Tornado Hair
#58 Triangular Tress Catwalks

Paul Costelloe AW11 Runway Features A-Line Fashions and A-Framed Hair Full Article

Triangular Tress Catwalks
#59 Bejeweled Bouffants

Get Wild and Untamed with Fashion156 Beauty Issue 37 Full Article

Bejeweled Bouffants
#60 Eccentric Hair Photography

The Raised Eyebrows Photo Series Features Some Hairy Situations Full Article

Eccentric Hair Photography
#61 Hair Sculpture Editorials

The Hairy Spring/Summer Issue of Garage Magazine Full Article

Hair Sculpture Editorials
#62 Haute Haircuts

Hair-Raising Styles From Kristin Beery Full Article

Haute Haircuts
#63 Super High Hats

Karmen Pedaru Rocks Giant Headdresses for Vogue China Full Article

Super High Hats
#64 Religious Character Captures

The Tom Hahn ‘Icons’ Series is Sharply Photographed Full Article

Religious Character Captures
#65 Chic LEGO Coifs

‘Mindplay: Bricks on Me’ by Elroy Klee Turns Toys into Voguish Hair Full Article

Chic LEGO Coifs
#66 Cubist Headpieces

Michelle Czech Creates Gaga-esque Headwear Full Article

Cubist Headpieces
#67 Fabulous Frizzy Hair Photography

The Fabiana Mayer for Gloria Finnish October 2011 Shoot is Lovely Full Article

Fabulous Frizzy Hair Photography
#68 Fiery Tattooed Portraits

The My Hertsgard by Henrik Adamsen Shoot is Dynamic Full Article

Fiery Tattooed Portraits
#69 Wild Patriotic Hairstyles

Sculptural Styles Showcase Regional Pride Full Article

Wild Patriotic Hairstyles
#70 Flame-Tastic Manes

The Vivienne Westwood Spring 2010 Collection Shocks the Audience Full Article

Flame-Tastic Manes
#71 Exotic Tribal Photography

The Eco Jungle Collection Has Quite the Wild Side Full Article

Exotic Tribal Photography
#72 Powder-Puff Updos

The Elin Skoghagen Elle Russia July 2010 Spread is Flirtatious Full Article

Powder-Puff Updos
#73 Mouse Ear Hairstyles

Ronaldo Fraga Shows Mousey Manes at Colombiamoda Full Article

Mouse Ear Hairstyles
#74 Sky-High Ponytails

The Suno AW10 Collection Combines Chic With a Boho African Flair Full Article

Sky-High Ponytails
#75 Popstar-Inspired Cupcake Accessories

This Fake Cupcake Headband Channels Katy Perry Full Article

Popstar-Inspired Cupcake Accessories
#76 Braided Hairtography

Anja Rubik Ties Up Her Tresses For Vogue Paris Beauty March 2010 Full Article

Braided Hairtography
#77 Punked Sophistication

Jethro Cave’s GQ Magazine Editorial is Rocking Full Article

Punked Sophistication
#78 Wind-Swept Hairtography

The Sasha Luss Elle Singapore Shoot Will Blow You Away Full Article

Wind-Swept Hairtography
#79 Morbid Mohawk Runways

The Ann Demeulemeester Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection is a Gothic Explosion Full Article

Morbid Mohawk Runways
#80 Crazy Catwalker Crops

Models Get Hair Makeovers for Spring 2010 Full Article

Crazy Catwalker Crops
#81 Tinsel Tresses

Model Anu Gets in the Holiday Spirit in ‘The Show’ for Numero Korea Full Article

Tinsel Tresses
#82 Puffed Coif Portraits

The Cheveux by Caesar Lima Series Boasts Big Hair Full Article

Puffed Coif Portraits
#83 Hair-Whipping Editorials

Marike Le Roux Flips Multiple Wigs For Stiletto Magazine Full Article

Hair-Whipping Editorials
#84 Tetris Hair Styles

Man Dyes & Styles Hair to Commemorate His Favorite Game Full Article

Tetris Hair Styles
#85 Wild Runway Faux-Hawks

Junya Watanabe Rocks Punk Subculture with Massive Mohawks Full Article

Wild Runway Faux-Hawks
#86 Top-Notch Top Knots

Hair Piled Sky-High Takes Centre Stage At New York Fashion Week Full Article

Top-Notch Top Knots
#87 Pierced Coif Accessories

The Aeon Hair Rings are Punk and Futuristic Full Article

Pierced Coif Accessories
#88 Glowing Hair Weaves

The Fiber Optic Wig by Haus of Gaga is Inspired by Disney Princesses at a Rave Full Article

Glowing Hair Weaves
#89 Wind-Blown Editorials

Daria Werbowy is Mind-Blowing in the April Issue of W Full Article

Wind-Blown Editorials
#90 Upswept Lioness Manes

The Petrovsky & Ramone Blend Magazine Photoshoot Full Article

Upswept Lioness Manes
#91 Colorful Candy Tresses

The Vogue Australia May 2011 Issue Features Multicolored Hair Full Article

Colorful Candy Tresses
#92 Nationalistic Buzz Cuts

Chinese Nod to Early Nineties for Holiday Celebration Full Article

Nationalistic Buzz Cuts
#93 Crazy Poofy Hairtorials

The Bon International Summer 2010 ‘September Sang’ Looks are Crazy Cool Full Article

Crazy Poofy Hairtorials
#94 Crazy Cyclopean Coifs

The Biglilkim Eyeball Hairdo is Both Creative and Creepy Full Article

Crazy Cyclopean Coifs
#95 Feminine Street Swagger Photography

The Shawty Oyster Magazine Editorial Captures Extreme Glamour Full Article

Feminine Street Swagger Photography
#96 Calendar Dye Jobs

‘Wisely-Chosen’ Uploads Her Multi-Colored Hues for 365 Days Full Article

Calendar Dye Jobs
#97 Bun-Like Bangs

The Gwen Lu Black Swan Spread Plays Up Avian Features from Head-To-Toe Full Article

Bun-Like Bangs
#98 Hair Everywhere Artworks

Tasha Kusama Creates Bright and Hairy Paintings Full Article

Hair Everywhere Artworks
#99 Yosemite Sam Facial Hair

It’s Official, Larry McClure has the Greatest Mustache in the Nation Full Article

Yosemite Sam Facial Hair
#100 Frizzy Frotogrpahy

Wendell Levi Teodoro’s Wild Wigged Out Photography Full Article

Frizzy Frotogrpahy
  • Psychedelic Beauty Looks
    Psychedelic Beauty Looks
  • Tie-Dye Hairdos
    Tie-Dye Hairdos
  • Horror Film Photography
    Horror Film Photography
  • Hipster Hairstyle Sites
    Hipster Hairstyle Sites
  • Extravagant Absurdist Photography
    Extravagant Absurdist Photography
  • Sequined Geometrical Editorials
    Sequined Geometrical Editorials

100 Hilariously Extreme Hairstyles

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