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GrapevineStar Media Back to School – Be Cool Trend Report™

It that time of the year again, Back to School time. Back to school is a season all by itself, it’s one of the biggest seasons for retailers, it’s a big season for moms (all moms are working moms), who lead the charge of getting the family ready for the school season, young children, teen agers and college students all experience joy, trepredation, uncertainity and more, while fathers think of football and how much back to school is costing. Kids are thinking of what is cool, will they be cool...This is a must read for the whole family....GrapevineStar Media's Back to School - Be Cool Trend Report

GrapevineStar Media Back to School – Be Cool Trend Report™

“What you should know to be cool when you go back to school”

 It that time of the year again, Back to School time.  Back to school is a season all by itself, it’s one of the biggest seasons for retailers, it’s a big season for moms (all moms are working moms), who lead the charge of getting the family ready  for the school season, young children, teenagers and college students all experience joy, trepidation, uncertainty and more, while fathers think of football and how much back to school is costing.

GrapevineStar understands this, but for this report the focus is on the students, focused on their thoughts and concerns about the new school season…what will the new kids be like?…will I fit in?….what about the bullys?.. Will I be one of the cool kids? It true that most kids want to be part of the in-crowd, at minimum be liked or not dis-liked by the in-crowd. This report is designed to be a report that helps students from tweens to teens to college students understand and be somewhat conversant on the trending cool topics of the 2011 Back to School Season.

Teen and Tweens – These trending topics are for the most advanced tweens and the coolest teens. If some of the topics seem a little grown-up, its intentional. The trending topics are global topics that will or should be addressed by teachers and will be getting media attention throughout the entire school year.

 News – Nuclear Energy gets shot again, Solar Japan?  Japan’s nuclear disasters has literally overnight changed the world’s plans for increasing the use of nuclear energy. Solar energy is getting moe attention, Natural gas is as well.  So teens and tweens while you are googling, google nuclear energy and natural gas and then strike up a conversation with youir teacher or a popular senior, we assure you they will beimpressed and you will be cool.

 Art –  Learn to paint, as little kids we love to paint, there is no need to give that up. Pick a famous artist, Picasso, Monet, Warhol, Basquait who ever you choose and copy their style, that’s how you develop your own. Arists/Painters are always cool.

 Books – Half Price Books is the place for real books, of course everyone will be talking digital books, but when you want a real book or a book you can’t find it digiitally plus its a lot of fun to browse the CDs, DVDs and books from yesteryears cool stuff.

 Food –I Wanna Eat Fat.  Let’s face it food that will make you fat, tastes good. The cool thing this year is eating real food. It’s not cool to eat fake cheese, food that is not made from plants or animals. You will be surprised how much of the food we eat is amde made from petroleum, chemicals or who knows what else. Check the labels, its cool to know what you are eating.

 Money – America Leads the Way Down, that’s what the news would have you believe, there is no question that America’s debt is out of control and debt is not cool. It’s cool to save money, to spend money wisely, do think about it before you ask others (parents) for money.

 Movies – Movies continue to be cool and great conversation starters. Evil, horror movies are out…not cool. What’s cool is comedy, friednship and love stories, comic book based fantasy movies and girl action heroes. 

 Music – Lady Gaga, need I say more, she will continue to be at the top of trends, look-a-likes like Katy Perry and others will emerge, old school R&B has always been cool, look for more artists copying that style. Jazz always has been cool and is gaining in poularity among the coolest teens and young adults.  The coolest place to listen to music has historically been Pandora, but wait..Check out Jango its this years coolest music provider.

 Sports – Fencing, Soccer and Rugby are becoming more cool, fake wrestling, ultimate fighting and NASCAR are not cool (though very popular). Popular does not equal cool. Baseball, Football and Basketball continue to be cool.

 Technology, Toys & Games – Cool robot toys are getting better and smarter, they are morphing from playthings to useful appliances watch for them to become media magnets and the things for teens to have as they evolve.  Scrabble, Angry Birds and others make social gaming very cool and now Scrabble is on iphone, ipad, Android devices, Facebook and now here comes Google+ which will see tremendous growth throughout the year, some say rivaling Facebook (stay tuned). What does the future of cool technology and games look like? How about your own personal robot, robot soccer players, robots to do your hoework, google it, you will be surprised about what’s happening with robots and social gaming , the knowledge you gain will make some cool topics of conversation.   

 Television – Well, it finally happened Oprah is no longer the coolest thing on daytime television, we still love her dearly but cool is fleeting unless you are Quincy Jones.  Look for some new things from Oprah as she becomes more hands on with her new “O” Network. Jersey Shore is train-wreck,  popular but the show, nor any of its cast members arecool. Neither is any of the Houewives of Atlanta, New York, Orange County or New Jersey. What is cool is how interactive the TV is becoming. Content anytime you want to se e it.   Childrens entertainment character brands continue to be cool for young kids. Content like Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Mickey Mouse, The Muppets never dies, they get a fresh new audience every 2-3 years.

 Drugs – You can’t talk about being cool in school without talking about drugs, which include tobacco products, alcohol, prescription drugs and of course illegal drugs.  Drugs have always been tightly integrated with pop culture, whether its music, film, lifestyle, language (slang)…drugs are always there. Currently drugs are showing up in music with Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson. Stories from the drug wars in Mexico and the U.S. border states is part of todays pop culture. The legalization of marijuana will be a hot topic on high school and college campuses with its recent de-criminalization in some states. Drugs are not cool, but the open discussion of drugs and what we can do about them to prevent their destructive impact on society is cool.

I hope you enjoyed this Back to School – Be Cool Trend Report, let us know what you think? What do you think are the BeCool trends in Schools and Cllege Campuses.

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