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Urban Overview

Urban environments are at the core of the most popular content around the world.

The world population reached over 6 billion by 2000 according to the International Monetary Fund. At the current rate the world will have 7 billion people soon after the year 2010. The overwhelming share of world population growth is taking place in developing countries. The population of developing countries has more than doubled in 35 years, growing from 1.89 billion in 1955 to 4.13 billion in 1990.

Significant proportions of population increases in the less developed countries has been and will be absorbed by Urban areas in these countries which are, at present, growing five times as fast as those in the developed countries.

The worldwide web is having a dramatic positive impact on less developed countries urban populations. Internet access spaces and cell phones provide connection, productivity improvements, opportunities for expression, visibility of and access to global online communities (blogs, social networks, and digital media) worldwide in the urban areas of less developed countries. The fastest growing segments of the middle class are in India, China, Brazil and Africa among other less developed countries. The largest growth in urban teens globally is occurring in China. GSEConnect is well positioned to help its clients, members and partners capitalize on these changes.

Urban media and entertainment, What is it?…. It depends on who you ask and what country they are in.

GSEConnect defines urban using physical, psychographic and demographic profiles. There is no question urban environments are at the core of the most popular content around the world. Urban is a very important market niche. It is a trendsetting niche. The largest influencer globally in music and lifestyle (slang, casual clothing etc.) is urban black Americans. Blues, Jazz, Motown, BeeBop, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B all began in black American urban communities and now are embraced and leveraged globally by the media and entertainment Industry. Other urban groups including punk, grunge, skateboarders, street racing, etc have also significantly influenced global trends.

GSEConnect has positioned itself in the mainstream of global urban media and entertainment with its urban niche social networks.

Take a look around in the General market area, (urban america, hip hop worldwide, I love jazz, etc.), In the more specific niches area check out by type, (music, graffiti, hip hop niches and more) where you are sure to find unique news and information. Join one or more communities where you can contribute your thoughts and keep track of what’s going on in this trendsetting, very hot and growing and niche.

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