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Star Wars Top Boys Toy License in U.S. and Stars with Darth Vader in Best Super Bowl Commercial

"When I first became part of the Star Wars team in 1976 at Kenner Products, the motto was "Star Wars is Forever", this continued through my work with Hasbro, and now the Super Bowl Commercial with every dads son, as Darth Vader, and Star Wars continuing on as the top boys license says it all....Star Wars is Forever....Thanks George for the memories working with you in the early days and a masterful plan to keep it relevant......Jacob R. Miles, still crazy about Star Wars

star warsStar Wars Top Boys’ Toy License in U.S.
Source: License! Global Weekly E-news
Star Wars maintained its position as the bestselling U.S. boys’ toy license for the third year in a row with more than $510 million in sales, according to the NPD Group. It was the property’s biggest toy sales year since 2005, which saw the release of “Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith,” and its most successful year ever without a theatrical release.
The growth of the Star Wars fan base was driven by Cartoon Networks’ “Clone Wars” animated series and toy lines from Hasbro and The LEGO Group. In addition, the brand expanded into other licensed product categories, including publishing, apparel, consumer electronics and housewares.

“Around the office, our mantra is that Star Wars is forever, and we continue to see that this is true for our loyal fans,” says Howard Roffman, president of Lucas Licensing. “We’ve got a great series on the air, and a whole slate of great products that provide ongoing connection points for our audience. When the canvas is an entire galaxy, there is always more to explore.”

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