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GrapevineStar-Top Trends 2012 &13 Forecast – Jeremy Gutsche

If you are looking to supercharge innovation, but not ready to fully upgrade to Trend Hunter PRO, we now sell our 2013 Trend Report
Top Trends in 2012 and 2013 Forecasts!!


If you are looking to supercharge innovation, but not ready to fully upgrade to Trend Hunter PRO, we now sell our 2013 Trend Report on its own, for almost half the price of the full PRO package. We’ve also started adding more features to our Enterprise Platform, including a service where we create 1 monthly niche report, included in the base price.

Featured articles this week:
Understanding White Space Innovation Strategy (INTERVIEW) – Charles Cain, VP at Starbucks 
The Value of App Marketing 
Effective Marketing Campaigns Through Video Advertisment 
The Power of an Effective Holiday Marketing Campaign 
What You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Marketing 


Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter (@jeremygutsche)

P.S. If you’re wanting to track me down, here’s my innovation keynote schedule:

Jan 30 – New Jersey
Feb 6 – Las Vegas
Feb 19 – Orlando
Feb 22 – Kansas City
Feb 25 – Miami
Mar 21 – Omaha 
Mar 25 – Orlando
Mar 27 – Toronto
Apr 16 – Omaha 
Apr 20 – Miami 
May 9 – Saskatoon
May 17 – Toronto
Jun 3 – San Francisco
Jun 5 – Orlando
Aug 4 – Vancouver
Sep 2 – New York
Oct 8 – Houston
Oct 9 – Palm Desert

More details HERE.
Sample PRO Trends

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Cosmic Couture

Space-inspired design puts a galactic spin on clothing and accessories
Implications – An obsession with space and all things related to galaxies far, far away has spawned a number of fashion items inspired by galaxies, stars and distant planets. This celestial…[More]


Luxury brands are expanding their product lines to include bicycles
Implications – Cycling has become a beloved activity across different cultures and geographic locations, which presents a huge opportunity for brands, even those not previously associated with… [More]

Revised Immersion

New theme park concepts & innovations move beyond normal
Implications – Theme parks as we know them today spawned from the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition, and since then, they have only grown and adapted to the changing needs of…[More]

Top 15 This Week

To deep dive into any category, go to :

1. 57 Floating Photography Stills

From Freaky Floating Females to Hovering House Campaigns

2. 100 Award Show-Worthy Hairstyles

From Poised Plait Updos to Hollywood Hair

3. 100 Marvelous Kitchen Utensils

From Assasin Grilling Tools to Geeky Collectable Cutlery

4. 100 Marvellous Computer Mice

From Minimalist Mouse Designs to Phone-Mouse Hybrids

5. 18 Translucent Finds

These See-Through Products Will Make You Wonder if They’re Even Real

6. Animal Camouflaging Photography

Art Wolfe Creates a Wildlife Version of ‘Where is Waldo?’

7. 50 Gnarly New Balance Sneakers

From Glow In the Dark Runners to Moccasin Basketball Shoes

8. 100 Posh Patio Furniture Finds

From Contemporary Shoehorn Loungers to Outdoor Patio Pods

9. Top 20 Trends of the Day

From Creepy Model Close-Ups to Molecular Meal Makers

10. 50 Interactive Light Installations

From Emotion-Sensing Buildings to Psychedelic Ski Hills

11. 22 Crafty Cardboard Clothes

From DIY Costumes to Cardboard Fashion Shows

12. 28 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

From Love Letter Biscuits to Romantic Geeky Cards

13. 29 Eco-Social Entrepreneurs

Interviews with People Focusing on the Triple Bottom Line

14. Futuristic Flying Photography

These Surreal Levitation Photos from Singapore are Illusory

15. Compact Portable Houses

The Port-a-Bach Container Home Provides Freedom of Movement

Hot in Tech

1. 44 Male Grooming Tools

From Nail Clippers to Shaving Kits

2. 93 Ballet-Inspired Products

From Ballet Fashion Pieces to Dramatic Dancer Portraits

3. Backpack Human Flying Kits

German Engineers are Working on the Ultimate Backpack for Flying

Hot in Art & Design

1. Industrial Edgy Apparel

The Richard Nicoll 2013 F/W Collection is Beanie and Metallic-Laden

2. 100 90s-Inspired Fashions

From Eclectic Personality Campaigns to Fabulous 90s Fashion

3. 70 Enhanced Cycling Inventions

The Lance Armstrong Oprah Interview Features His Love for Cycling

Hot in Marketing

1. 25 Tantalizing Twiggy Editorials

From Tremendous Tribute Photoshoots to Modernized 70s Wear

2. 55 Unique Marketing Strategies

From Infectious Marketing to the Foundations of Online Branding

3. Full-Body Infographic Tattoos

This Meta Art Project Details Tattoo Stats With Tattooed Charts

Hot in Pop Culture

1. 70 Red Carpet-Ready Gowns

Celebrate the 2013 Oscar Nominations with These Oscar-Worthy Creations

2. Laid-Back Americana Editorials

The Kate Upton Elle France Spread Shows the Model’s Versatili

3. Modern Geisha Portraits

The Drive Ben Trovato Editorial is Haute and Hazy

Hot in Eco

1. 74 London-Based Social Enterprises

The United Kingdom is a Hub of For-Purpose Entrepreneurship

2. Eco-Friendly Portable Hotels

The In-Tenta Drop Eco Hotel Concept is Organic

3. 18 Vegan Social Business Products

From Old-World Textile Footwear to Seasonal Eco Eateries

social business

1. Women-Owned Web Design

YIKES, Inc. is a Competitive and Sustainable Business

2. Weaved Ethical Jewelry

Love Heals Plants Trees and Fosters Economic Development

3. 16 Conscious Bamboo-Made Goods

From One-for-One Toothbrushes to Accessible Zambian Bicycles


1. The Science of Well-Being

A Positive Psychology Keynote by Martin Seligman Explores Mental Health

2. 20 Speeches by Advertising Gurus

From Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland to Apple’s Philip Schiller

3. 12 Speeches on the Benefits of Open Source

From the Open Approach to Analyzing Online Speeds

1. Distinct Product Design and How it Can Set Your Brand Apart

2. Social Media Wisdom: What Big Companies Can Learn from Reddit

3. An Important Distinction: Social Media Following vs. Social Media Engagement

Hot in Luxury

1. 100 Oscar-Worthy Accessories

Sparkly Gems are Listed for the Academy Award Nominations 2013

2. 45 Luxe Givenchy Styles

From Graphic Givenchy Designs to Sharp and Sleek Ensembles

3. Venomous Retro Vehicles

The Chevrolet Stingray Returns After More Than 40 Years

Hot in Fashion

1. Hilarious Sneezing Portraits

Bless You by Ulf Lundin is an Appropriate Series for the Flu Season

2. 32 Honey Comb-Inspired Designs

From Honey Combed Dresses to Hex-ed Out Houses

3. 70 Perfectly Playful Cocktail Dresses

From Pretty Princess Duds to Bohemian Party Dress Catalogs

Top Lists

1. 25 Magnificent Meghan Collison Photoshoots

From Rocker Chic Getups to Cleavage Cutouts

2. 12 Knockout Laura Kampman Photoshoots

From Discheveled Couture Ads to Dramatic Mourning Fashion

3. 10 Masterful Mulberry Marketing Campaigns

From Carousel Horse Campaigns to Jumping Advertisments

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