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PR 06.09.08 – GrapevineStar Brands at 2008 Licensing Show

Multi-Cultural Brands and New Custom Programs for Multi-Media, Publishing, Retail, Apparel, School Supply & Toy Companies Available

GrapevineStar™ Entertainment’s Global Brands Are Featured At 2008 International Licensing Show

Multi-Cultural Brands and New Custom Programs for Multi-Media, Publishing, Retail, Apparel, School Supply & Toy Companies Available

June 09, 2008: GrapevineStar, a next generation, globally focused media and entertainment company drives the leading edge of content and character development for TV, film, and books.Its expansive brand offering is presented with properties that promote environmental & social responsibility, poverty elimination efforts, and other positive growth education all while having fun. These international, eco-friendly, and positive lifestyle properties are integrated with social networks and virtual-world platforms. This year’s featured properties fall into three high demand categories:

• Intentional Global Focus (Featuring Africa and China)

• Expansion of Niche Properties (Featuring Western/Cowboy and Multi-Cultural/Urban)

• Integration of Engaging Virtual-World Platforms (Featuring Children and Tween Focuses)

‘We are very excited about this year’s International Licensing Show. We are featuring six of our properties; although, we have many properties for potential licensees to choose from. The ability to customize our offerings to meet our partners needs and our integration of next generation web technology brings tremendous incremental value to our partners”says Jacob R. Miles III, CEO, GrapevineStar Entertainment Inc.

Beautiful Africa™ and SunnyLuv™ lead a line of properties that have intentional global focus and appeal. These properties were designed from the ground up to be internationally focused with integration of their messages & content into global social networks. Each represents a movement of positive change.

Beautiful Africa™ is specifically a movement to change the way the world looks at Africa. It consists of children’s books featuring the famous French-based, Vietnamese artist, Lap Ngo, and includes a curriculum plan that supports national standards. Video and interactive education components are planned. The property will be launched in Paris, New York, São Paulo, London and various cities throughout Africa itself.

SunnyLuv™ is a warm-hearted movement to spread sunshine and love around the world. The property was inspired by Chinese love stories and embraces social & eco-friendly causes to promote peace among all mankind. Plans include inspirational books for young girls, plush, toys, clothing, video games and accessories in addition to immersive virtual-world activities.

Tex Dunright™ and Scruples™ take GrapevineStar and its licensees into two of the hottest segments in licensing today, western/cowboy and multi-cultural. These properties capture the popularity and growth of cowboys & rodeo and the urban, multi-cultural niches.

Tex Dunright, The World’s Favorite Cowboy™, is a Jim Henson style puppet that has appeared on TV, at rodeos and festivals nationwide and is ideally suited for gender neutral stationary, back to school products, books, comics/cartoons, TV and more.

Scruples™, a multi-cultural property created by highly recognized cartoonist, Joe Young, is an action packed, pro-literacy, and positive lifestyle line of animated videos and comic books that tell the stories of kids living in an orphanage where they learn the importance of financial & reading literacy and the true meaning of family with valuable life lessons of hope, respect and more.

The Emotionals™ and MeMe & My World™ lead GrapevineStar’s virtual-world property initiatives. These properties are also globally focused, reflecting multi-cultural children and environments.

The Emotionals brand targets moms and young children. It’s a next generation property similar to Pokemon® and Hello Kitty® in that there are a multitude of fun characters perfect for toys, stationary, cartoons, books, etc. Children can experience the world of The Emotionals through an online virtual-world similar in nature to Webkinz™ and Neopets®. The Emotionals’ storylines are entertaining yet are educational, promoting eco-friendly, relational, and other positive growth values.

MeMe and My World is a tween & teen manga/anime property with an online, semi-immersive, social network for teens from all parts of the world to come together in a new-gen penpal community to share stories that address the issues of teen life while promoting positive lifestyles, learning and experiencing of different cultures. The MeMe and My World™ manga/anime adventures feature MeMe Yoshida, a 15 year old girl who comes to America after having lived in Japan all of her life. These are her stories and the stories of every other child who has been transplanted to some place new and must meet new friends, deal with diversity and differences all while experiencing the complexities & hormones of teenage life. This virtual-world integrated property is suited for books, TV, film, stationary, gift products and clothing.

About GrapevineStar Entertainment Inc.
GrapevineStar is a globally focused media and entertainment company that develops and represents content for TV, film, internet, publishing and licensing. It also operates a network of niche focused social networks and is developing social networking/virtual-world platforms for young children, tweens/teens, and adults for entertainment, education, and for business. Content creators worldwide work with GrapevineStar, who helps them develop and monetize their work. GrapevineStar is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas and has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Beijing and Paris. It provides services including development, production, and distribution in the media and entertainment industries. The company has over 30 years experience working with major companies and represents over 50 entertainment properties. For more information visit To join one of our communities visit

Jacob R. Miles III
CEO, Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc.
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