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PR 03.14.08 – China’s Fast Growth in Media & Entertainment

Grapevine Star Entertainment and Tyloon Media Corp. Bringing the US and China Market Together

China Growing Fast in the Global Media and Entertainment Industry

Grapevine Star Entertainment and Tyloon Media Corp. Bringing the US and China Market Together

El Monte California – March 14, 2008:(Reported by David Zhang, Chinese Biz News)

At the Multicultural Media Expo 2007 held in Los Angeles Convention Center on March 12, Grapevine Star Entertainment in Texas and Tyloon Media Corporation in California, signed a letter of Intent for both sides to jointly develop the fast growing Chinese TV and film entertainment industry.

Jacob Miles, CEO of Grapevine Star Entertainment , expressed his strong interest in the growing Chinese market. “China’s growth is going to be some of the highest growth in the media and entertainment industry in the world”, he said, “You have tremendous exciting content creators in China that can develop content for the American market. There are great animation studios, great actors, great film makers and movie makers and at the same time there are a lot of great content opportunities around the world for Chinese TV and film content creators.”

When talking about the China’s potential compared to Bollywood in India, Jacob said: “I think that with the Bollywood in India is very established and their content pretty much focused only on the Indian audience. Whereas I think that the Chinese content creators are focused more on a global audience so it will be appealing to America, to South America, to Europe and Eastern Europe so I think the opportunity is much bigger for the China content”.

Grapevine Star Entertainment, located in Dallas, Texas, maintains itself at the leading position in the “Mega Media and Entertainment Mainstream”. The company focuses on TV and Movie entertainment channels, satellite TV, electronic media, cartoon character licensing, content representation and toy marketing. They also have conducted profound research on media and entertainment based products for American kids and teenagers.

Tyloon, Inc, Tyloon Media Corporation, located in El Monte, California, is rising up rapidly with its core competencies: printed and electronic media with multi-lingual characteristics.

The American TV and Movie entertainment industry has been yearning to access the China market for long time. Due to political differences, cultural background, enterprising model and marketing strategy, it is hard for the American entertainment industry to find appropriate business partners to get into the Chinese market.

Mr. Miles emphasized that “The opportunity today is global. In the global media entertainment industry, there’s a demand for content. A demand for content that is being generated in America, in China, in Europe and I think that the beauty again, of the China content, is that China interacts with all nations and it works with all nations. So it can make content for the American market, it can make content for the China market, it can make content for the European market and we’re going to be there with Tyloon and Grapevine Star Entertainment to be the glue that brings all of that together.”

He also mentioned that he had “always loved the energy and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese people” and his company definitely is “a first mover in the China space for representing content creators from China”. He is also very confident with working together with Tyloon Media Corp in the future. “I think we can play a big part in getting China’s content and production capabilities in the media and entertainment industry recognized.”

Grace Su, CEO of Tyloon Inc. is excited to be working with Grapevine Star Entertainment and looks forward to a successful relationship.

Jacob R. Miles III
CEO, Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc.
JMiles [AT]

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