Ning Hao’s film ‘No Man Land’ comes home to China after 3 years

After facing the wrath of the government’s film review board, director Ning Hao’s road thriller, “No Man Land,” is coming to China’s theaters on December 3, over three and a half yearsafter it was set to be released.

While originally finished in April 2010, “No Man Land” earned the ire of Zhao Baohua, memberof the film review board of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), whoalleged that the film was “trash” and its depiction of depraved individuals was not on a par withreality, adding that any film SARFT bans is also fit for a waste bin. Zhao Baohua also took ashot at Ning Hao directly, saying that the director had forgotten about the social responsibilityof being an artist, adding that the gratuitous nature of the movie reflected his narcissism.

Ning Hao, who is busy shooting his new film in Yunnan province, has yet to respond to thenews. However, actor and star of “No Man Land,” Huang Bo, expressed his excitement for thefilm’s Chinese debut by uploading an image of the movie’s promotional poster on hismicroblogging Weibo account on October 14. Huang added that he will have a shaved head inthe film and that he was “exchanging” hairstyles with fellow actor and “No Man Land” co-star,Xu Zheng who often acts in an image of being bald.

The film tells the story of the main character driving a car to the west and meeting up withvarious people and having different stories happening to him. Behind the story, audiences cansee in-depth themes of man’s nature of being a social animal.

The film revolves around a lawyer who heads west to the Gobi desert, navigating terrain astreacherous as the people he encounters.

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