As body ages, Jackie Chan longs for Hollywood’s full embrace

Jackie Chan wasn’t in the mood for proclamations.

The Hong Kong martial arts film star, who declared last year at France’s Cannes film festivalthat he was retiring from action films, now says that after more than a decade of contemplatingquitting, he is going to let his body decide.

“When I was 40-something the media would ask me and then I said another five years, andthen five years and five years until now,” the kung fu actor said in an interview promoting his2012 Chinese action film “Chinese Zodiac,” which will be released in US cinemas on Friday.

“Six more months and I’m going to be 60,” Chan said. “And I (will) see how far I can go until mybody tells me, ‘Stop.'”

Chan, famous for performing all of his high-flying and physically punishing stunts, hasappeared in more than 100 films and now writes, produces and directs his own films in Asia.

“I get hurt,” the actor said after 50 years of flips, kicks and punches. “It gets really tiring, notlike it used to be.”

The only real outward sign of aging in Chan are some crow’s feet around the eyes. He isobviously in great shape still, but won’t reveal his secrets for staying that way.

But as Chan starts to enter his twilight years he laments how Hollywood typecasting may forcehim to begin using a stunt double for his acrobatic scenes as he believes Hollywood studioswould never cast him in dramatic roles.

“I hope the audience, after they say, ‘Jackie, that’s a double!,’ they forgive me,” Chan said inhis trademark broad-grinned and animated style.

“Then I can continue (my career) because poor me, nobody in Hollywood hires me to make a’Kramer vs. Kramer’ (or) like ‘Sound of Music’ – actually I’m a pretty good singer – and nobodyhires me to do this kind of film,” Chan said, referring to the 1979 family drama and 1965musical, both Oscar winners.

“All we think about Jackie Chan: Chris Tucker, ‘Rush Hour’ one, two, and three … alwaysaction-comedy, action-comedy,” he said about the “Rush Hour” buddy-cop film series withcomedian Chris Tucker that helped Chan cement his place in Hollywood 15 years ago.

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