GrapevineStar Mobile Alert – On the Magical 20% in Mobile Commerce

While the mobile commerce revolution is still in its infancy, it’s nearing that magical number around market share.

Until now, mobile commerce as a percentage of sales or of retail started in the single digits, finally moving into the teens.

Numerous new market tallies report the state of commerce.

  • A recent report from eMarketer says 15% of online retail sales this year will be made on a mobile device.
  • The Adyen Global Mobile payment Index shows that worldwide mobile transactions account for 14% of purchases, led by Europe (15%), Asia (12%) and North America (11%).
  • The IBM Online Retail Index showed the percentage of sales by mobile device at 19%.
  • Based on data culled from 76 million Web visits and more than a million orders, the Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index shows that mobile accounts for 17% of both total orders and revenue.

But think about it, percentages in the teens don’t sound significant.

To say something is at 12% or 15% just doesn’t sound like it matters.

But hitting the magical number of 20%: that’s another story.

Then it means ‘one out of every five.’ It implies substance. A bigger piece of the pie.

As an aside, the percentages around mobile commerce growth from a year ago are significant. For example, the IBM study shows a 28% increase in mobile sales compared to the same timeframe a year ago.

While growth can indicate directions of trends, it’s the snapshot of today that looms large.

When 20% of sales are being done via mobile, merchants will need to pay attention. Who can ignore 20% of a market?

Twenty percent demands respect.

And wait until the number becomes one in every four.

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