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The Emotionals™, Emotions At Play™The Emotionals™, Emotions At Play™

The Emotionals: Emotions At Play™

Globally heartwarming, character-based stories that bring richness in social & eco-responsibility to your brand.

Welcome to the wonderful online & offline world of The Emotionals™, a place filled with an unending array of huggable animal & insect friends that collectively represent the widest possible range of a child’s emotions.

The Emotionals’ life enhancing adventures help children learn about caring, sharing, overcoming obstacles, saving the environment, and more while having fun with all their friends.

Their world includes an interactive website that provides children a safe place to explore, learn and have fun, while also experiencing The Emotionals™ in companion plush, electronic products, and books including “Up in the Tree”, a story about overcoming fear.

Consumer Target

The Emotionals™ is a gender neutral child (ages 3-7) focused brand. It is adaptable to licensing programs targeted at:

  • Children — Books & Curriculum, Crafts, Plush, Gift, Toy, Back-to-School, and more…
  • Moms of Children Ages 3-7 — Social Responsibility, Eco-Friendly, Educational

Marketing Support

  • Eco-Friendly and Social Responsibility Causes
  • “Collect Them All” Events at Local Zoos
  • Interactive Website Integration
  • TV, Print, Mobile, & Online Campaigns

The Emotionals™ Are An Endless Array of Lovable, Huggable Imaginary Animals and Insects.The Emotionals™ products include stationary, tshirts and apparel, accessories, and more.The Emotionals™, Mocha™, The Happy Happy Puppy Dog PlushThe Emotionals™, Shybie™, The Octo-shy Octopus, PlushThe Emotionals™, Dash™, The Hard-Working Bumble Bee, PlushThe Emotionals™, Pookie™, A Gently Patient Goldfish, Plush

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