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Products & Events


GrapevineStar™ is a global provider of research based content and product development to the media and entertainment industry. We utilize internal social network based and external research to develop content and products for licensing to major Cellphone, Cable, TV, Film, Toys, Book Publishing and Retail companies, distributors and others. We also market select products directly to small retailers and consumers.

Products Include:

  • Mobile products – graphics, video, music, apps, games etc. (see grapevinestar mobile)
  • Media products – books, curriculum, news and information content, etc.
  • Entertainment products – video, games, toy and gift, music, collectables etc.

Target Market Segments:

GrapevineStar’s content and product development strategy includes a focus on niche market segments. Niche market segments of urban, anime-comic, family, cultural heritage and pop culture. Our research indicates that these are timeless niche market segments that lead in driving current and future global trends.

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