GrapevineStar Mobile is a Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc. brand. GrapevineStar Mobile endeavors to be one of the world’s leading providers of mobile entertainment within its market niches, capable of reaching over one billion consumers around the globe with a select offering of mobile products and services. GrapevineStar Mobile connects people with the niche content they love in over 10 countries on six continents and in over 10 languages through its network of niche social network sites, brands and products.

GrapevineStar Mobile works with leading mobile content aggregators, licensors and distributors to distribute its propietary content and managed content to the widest audience possible. Headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, GrapevineStar also has offices in New York, Beverly Hills, Calf. and Beijing, China

GrapevineStar Mobile backed by the content development capabilties of Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc. has the unique capability to produce, market, sell and distribute proprietary unique niche quality Book, TV, Film and Internet content that can reconfigured as mobile content.

GrapevineStar has the capabilities to lead in mobile content innovation, offering music, games, videos, ringtones, graphics, alerts and push services to wireless distributors, carriers and users. With high-quality digital products in production, our product line is positioned to aid distributors to meet their customers’ needs and users to receive content that fits their interest or favorite niche and lifestyle. With successful partnerships with distributors and content providers, GrapevineStar will give customers trend forward research based mobile content products.


GrapevineStar Mobile is executing a plan to be one of the world’s leading providers of research based niche mobile content.

GrapevineStar develops exciting and entertaining consumer interactions with our content through our portfolio of offerings and selection of original, branded and aggregated media and entertainment content for mobile devices.

Through our distributor(s) and website(s) users can access and dowload everything from music and games to videos, Webbisodes, Mobile TV, alerts and graphics. Our content transforms the mobile device from a communication device to a truly personalized, aggregator of their entertainment content.

Our high quality mobile content products will be available to millions of mobile subscribers around the world. To compliment our in house branded entertainment offering, our company also has a dedicated in-house production team creating original content and re-purposing managed content.

We offer real music ringtones, video ringtones, fun sounds and ring back tones. Our company also offers hit music ringtones from top music independent artists and independent music producers.

Our graphics portfolio offers the best in representing our niche strategy for mobile phone power users including unique wallpapers, screensavers, greeting cards and themes. Content includes popular brands such as Tex DunRight(TM) and MeMe and My World(TM), as well as exclusive mobile content and aggregated products from around the world. GrapevineStar Mobile also develops a variety of products including the popular Hip Hop Bobbleheads(TM) and Rodeo content.

The company is developing a music catalogue of high profile producers and independent artists that will include full track songs and albums. Consumers will be able to buy individual tracks and full albums via Web and WAP (mobile portal).

GrapevineStar mobile will offer a comprehensive portfolio of downloadable high-quality games for mobile phones based on its characters and properties as well as from leading and independent publishers including Electronic Arts, Airborne, Glu Mobile, I-play, Digital Chocolate and others. In addition, GrapevineStar’s portfolio will also include popular mobile games based on leading entertainment brands.

GrapevineStar’s video collection offers a rich array of high-quality products including music videos, film, comics, cartoons, sports, home videos and much more.

We also offer Webisodes – video content from GrapevineStar Entertainment, that extends the consumer experience and includes outtakes, shorts and value added storylines to its TV and film content. Planned Webisodes series include Soap Scenes™, Tex Dunright™ Show, The Johnny Show™ and more.

GrapevineStar Mobile offers short form and full-length television programs from Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc. and others.

GrapevineStar is developing various types of informational alerts sent to mobile phones via SMS, MMS or WAP push. Alerts include greetings, social signals™, weather, sports, news, horoscopes, movies, celebrity gossip from around the globe. Alerts can be localized and personalized to suit individuals’ tastes and delivered to mobile users anywhere. Alerts are sent via text, image or video to send greetings or update users on their favorite niche interests.

Mobile telecommunications sector introduces Code of Conduct for value-added services. GrapevineStar Mobile abides by the Mobile Telecommunications Code of Conduct for value added services as introduced in 2006.

In July 2006, the mobile telecommunications industry introduced a Code of Conduct for value-added services to promote trust in new service among consumers. The Code specifies sector-wide guidelines and standards for the supply of value-added services by SMS, MMS or online.

The following companies have signed up to the Code of Conduct Premium SMS/Mobile Services and Web-based Services (as on December 2007):

01. Arvato Mobile GmbH
02. Bob Mobile GmbH
03. Burda Wireless GmbH
04. GmbH
05. conVISUAL AG
06. debitel AG
07. Digame mobile GmbH
08. Drillisch AG
09. Earmobile GmbH (ehemals Materna GmbH)
10. E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG
11. Ericsson Internet Payment Exchange AB
12. Fox Mobile Distribution GmbH (ehemals Jamba! GmbH)
13. Mega Satellitenfernsehen GmbH
14. Midray GmbH
15. MindMatics AG
17. MintNet GmbH
18. Mobilcom Communicationstechnik GmbH
19. Mobilview AG
20. net mobile AG
21. Netsize Deutschland GmbH
22. o2 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG
23. Rate One GmbH
24. Sybase 365 GmbH
25. T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH
26. Talkline GmbH & Co.KG
27. Vodafone D2 GmbH
28. Whatever Mobile GmbH
29. zed Germany GmbH

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