Mission & Values

Global Background:

During the past ten (10) years, many entertainment and technology companies have pondered and researched the question: How will technology impact the media and entertainment business long term? CEOs worldwide are looking for best practices advice. GrapevineStar’s global strategy takes into account the research and experiences of executives and companies at the highest level of operation in the technology, media, and entertainment business, as well as the individual, independent entrepreneur creating content in his or her neighborhood with friends. Our strategy is a summary of consumers, entrepreneurs, management recommendations, insights and lessons learned during the past twenty years.

Global Vision:

“Information, content and knowledge networks will revolutionize the global economy. These networks will manifest as niche social networks that are global, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-platform focused. The use and growth of them will change the way we socialize, think, learn, work and play. The prosperity of a nation and its industries will be determined to a large degree by how well they embrace and leverage these global knowledge networks to collaborate, innovate, develop and market their resources, products and services.”

GrapevineStar is implementing a number of strategies to shape its global business model and agenda. The focus of our efforts in the global media and entertainment industry are aimed at understanding the objectives of government policy makers, entrepreneurs and business leaders in their effort to promote and leverage the emerging digital economy.

Global Focus:

We apply our knowledge and understanding of the global media and entertainment digital economy to guide content creators from individuals to businesses through the development, storage, distribution and marketing of digital content. Our objective is to help you manage and monetize your digital content.

Let us help you take advantage of the expanding global marketplace. Contact us at Info [AT] GrapevineStar [DOT] com

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