London Manga™

London Manga™ staring Kawa Kata™ and MC Harlem™London Manga™

Manga is truly worldwide. London is one of the leading European markets for manga-styled comics & anime. It is the birthplace of London Manga™. Marketed under the Manga Worldwide™ brand, two series are being brought to America: Kawa Kata in London™, the story of a starry eyed, love sick, romantic 19 year-old who travels from Tokyo to London in order to find her boyfriend, who she believes has been kidnapped. The second series is MC Harlem: Search For My Father™, the story of a hip-hop, martial arts expert from London, who travels to Harlem, New York in search of his identity and his father, whom he has never met.

Consumer Market

  • Young Adult, Teens & Tweens
  • Manga & Comic Book Readers

Marketing Support

  • Socially Responsible Causes
  • Interactive Website Integration
  • TV, Print, Online, & Mobile Campaigns

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