Earthboy™ by GrapevineStar™ and Alexandre MarengoEarthboy™, The Great Eco-Defender For Earth and the Galaxies Beyond!™

Earthboy™ is the great eco-defender for Earth & the galaxies beyond!

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Earthboy™ by GrapevineStar™ and Alexandre Marengo
Brought from Earth by friendly aliens needing help, Earthboy & his new friends stand unified in protecting the Earth & the galaxies beyond from an intergalactic villain bent on polluting all of the resources of these worlds for himself, regardless of the path of destruction left behind.

Consumer Target

Earthboy is a tween & young (6-10 yrs.) male focused brand, and is adaptable to licensing programs targeted at:

  • Children — Books & Curriculum, Crafts, Plush, Gift, Toy, Back-to-School, Games, and more…
  • Tweens/Teens — Video/Social/Mobile Games, Board Games, Books, TV/Film/Web Videos, Music, Clothing, Accessories, Gift & Stationary, and more…
  • Adults, Moms & Families ‚ Social Responsibility, Eco-Friendly, Educational

Marketing Support
Earthboy™ Products by

  • Environmentally Friendly & Social Responsibility Causes
  • Nationwide Events
  • Global Events — Brazil, Europe, USA, China
  • Social Network Integration
  • TV, Print, Online, & Mobile Campaigns

Earthboy™ Supports World Environment Day & the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20). Learn more now at or by joining Earthboy, The great eco-defender for Earth & the galaxies beyond!™, at his World Environment Facebook Page,

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