Core Competencies

GrapevineStar’s distinctive capabilities begin with character-based content development. GrapevineStar is a global provider of this research based content as well as product development, licensing and distribution to the media and entertainment industry. The company derives the majority of its revenue from the licensing and leveraging of its Intellectual properties (owned and managed) through various media and entertainment companies and distribution outlets targeting mobile, TV, internet, book publishers, toys, games, and retailers.

The company has entered into a licensing agreement with a preeminent mobile solutions provider that gives GrapevineStar’s content and proprietary properties distribution and on deck access to over 90+ cell phone carries with a reach of over 1.5 billion subscribers worldwide. The company is currently in discussions with other mobile solutions providers, distributors and direct with carriers to increase the amount of content in its mobile pipeline.

Additionally, the company is in discussions with several major book publishers regarding the licensing of several of its properties and also in discussions with studios and television program distributors regarding several talk shows.

Core Competencies are:

– Character Based Content Development
– Licensing and Merchandising Representation
– Social Network/Web 2.0 Brand (content, products) Integration

The company’s US & International relationships, television/film, publishing and toy/game industry experience & disciplines contribute to its competitive advantage.

From fun comedy & adventure to real-life & drama, GrapevineStars’ content is multi-cultural and multi-platform with visual and storyline authenticity, wrapped in positive values. It’s capabilities continue with its knowledge and understanding of the global marketplace and its leveraging of the science of niche physical and online social networks to aid in the development, management, representation, digital distribution, and monetization of content, products, and services for itself, partners, and content creators worldwide.

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