Beautiful World Brands

Beautiful World Brands™

The Beautiful World Brand is based on the fact that there is beauty present in each of us and that beauty exists everywhere on planet earth. Beauty is seen in how we treat each other and how we treat the earth and its environment. The Beautiful World Brand celebrates this beauty in the products that carry the Beautiful World logo.

Beautiful World of Dolls™

Multicultural understanding and friendships make a beautiful world. The Beautiful World Of Dolls combines, fun, positive values, social media, activities, self esteem and friendship and learning about the diversity of a global world.

Beautiful World TV™

Short and long form video productions celebrating the most beautiful things in the world, nature and human behavior. If you have video content you would like us to consider for distribution please contact us.

Beautiful World of Housewares™

Beautiful World designs for housewares and kitchen accessories, Design-focused products across the gourmet housewares and kitchens accessories spectrum – from innovative silicone utensils to one of a kind, metal and plastic pieces. Retailers let us create a Beautiful World line of housewares and kitchen accessories for you.

Beautiful World of Children’s Designs and Accessories

Beautiful World™ brand graphics and designs for children’s clothing, home decor, toys and gifts. Tell us the demographics of your customer and we will show you the designs and graphics that they will love. How do we know, we tested them and your customer is aware of them.

License Beautiful World Brands™

Beautiful World™ brands and designs are available for licensing through Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc. Licensing Agents Wanted. Contact GrapevineStar™ at 214-763-1134 or

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