Beautiful Africa

To change negative perceptions of the African continent.

Based upon the works of internationally acclaimed artist, Lap Ngo, The Beautiful Africa™ brand is a reflection of all that is beautiful about Africa — Her people, natural resources, heritage, culture, and arts.

This year marks the beginning of A New Way to Look at Africa™!

Beautiful Afria LLC, Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc., licensing partners, consumers, celebrities, schools, and businesses are joining together to develop, promote and distribute media, entertainment, and consumer products to a global audience.

Consumer Target

Beautiful Africa is a family focused brand. It is adaptable to licensing programs targeted at all segments of the family.

  • Children — Books & Curriculum, Crafts, Plush, Gift, Toy, Back-to-School, and more…
  • Teens — Board Games, Books, Video, Music, Clothing, Video Games, Gift & Stationary
  • Adults, Females, & Families — Food & Beverage, Home Décor, Board Games, Fine Art, Films, Jewelry, and more…

10 Days in Beautiful Africa™ by GrapevineStar and Out of the Box Publishing

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Marketing Support

  • USA Nationwide Events
  • Global Events — Paris, New York, Beijing, London, Brazil, Geneva
  • Africa Events— 5 African Countries
  • Beautiful Africa Social Network
  • TV, Online, Mobile, and Print Campaigns

What is Africa to our children?

Pictures of safaris? Wild animals lying in wait for their prey? Vast spaces barren and dry with no water visible to the eye? Multitudes of starving children?… That’s how many of us have come to know Africa from the news & media we see. Whether by accident, simple omission, or purposeful planning, so many of the images we have of this large continent fail to capture the beauty, the mystery, and the magic that make up historical and modern Africa.

In truth, Africa is one of the most important continents in the world. Second only to Asia in size and population, Africa is commonly referred to as the birthplace of mankind and is well noted for its vast natural resources and beauty. Despite its rich history, the future is even more hopeful with much opportunity for continued development and economic growth. It is in everyone’s interest to support these initiatives, to improve the lives of the people, and to give more access to education, for in helping the citizens of Africa we are truly helping ourselves. While leaders all over the world understand these facts, each of us need wait no more. Beautiful Africa, founded upon the works of the international artist, Lap Ngo, was developed to educate on and showcase the beauty and promise of this great land.

Join us in a movement to change the way the world looks at Africa… Beautiful Africa.

Jacob R. Miles III – CEO, Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc.

Beautiful Africa Origins™ Ethiopia Blend Coffee (Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harrar) by GrapevineStar and Buon Giorno Coffee in Grapevine, Texas.

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Beautiful Africa™ Summary

Beautiful Africa™ features original stunning illustrations, engaging, age-appropriate stories, and curriculum to create an educational journey to help young readers develop a better understanding, appreciation and respect for Africa – its diversity, people, culture and rich history. A great inspiration in the classroom and at home, this exciting new line of books opens children’s eyes to a new way to look at Africa – A Beautiful Africa.

About the Beautiful Africa™ Project

The Beautiful Africa™ project is dedicated to showcasing and promoting all that is beautiful about Africa, its natural resources, history, people, lifestyle, arts and the people who support the continent. We offer a full line of media products designed to inspire and educate a worldwide audience. Our team of business leaders, artists and education professionals in Africa and around the world have come together to give the world “A New Way to Look at Africa.™” We invite you to join us in a movement to change the way the world looks at Africa by selecting Beautiful Africa media products that offer children an aesthetic, authentic experience to enjoy over and over again.

The Young Giraffe with a Long, Long Neck
A fun-loving, young giraffe is sad when animals in the savanna do not want to play with her. Growing up and trying to find your place in the world is often difficult. The Young Giraffe with a Long, Long Neck tells the story of a young African giraffe who finds her place while learning to appreciate her differences.
Teo the Termite
Teo the Termite is a story that uses African animals to help teach a lesson about responsibility. Teo agrees to help his mom build a mound. While out collecting dirt for the mound, Teo is easily distracted from his task. He spends most of the day playing with his African friends and returns home with no dirt for the mound. A disappointed mom helps Teo realize that he had not been responsible. With the help of his friends, Teo is able to collect dirt so that a new mound may be built.
Becoming a Warrior
The passage into manhood is a big event in African society. Young boys must be not only brave, but also resourceful in order to be desirable as a husband and provider for their family. The story tells of a young boy practicing to become a warrior as he prepares for manhood. He recounts his father’s bravery in saving the village from a marauding lion.

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